children’s education and nutrition, women and elderly empowerment, and youth skilling are causes that are close to our heart. we are extremely fortunate to contribute, in insignificant ways, and receive so much more in return.

we encourage you to learn more about these causes and engage with your time, talent, and treasure where appropriate.


Akshaya Patra logo

Akshaya Patra feeds 2 million children, each school day. these nutritious meals cost $20 for the entire year. these meals are the only reason many of these children go to school, and get an education.

antha prerna foundation logo

antha prerna foundation helps immigrant and women entrepreneurs with access to resources and visibility. their work has been published by renowned publications such as Fortune and their content has more than 50 million impressions

Pratham Logo

Pratham’s Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) has revolutionized early childhood education. they have positively impacted more than 75 million children in India and Africa, in addition to skilling millions of youth

Sahara logo

Sahara Cares helps victims of domestic violence (DV), typically the elderly and the women. Sahara offers resources in multiple international languages and helps with services such as immigration, and providing shelter